City Projects Underway for 2016

City of Muscatine

Kiwanis Presentation Final

Are you interested in learning more about the projects happening in the City this year? Take a look at this PowerPoint Presentation: 2016 City Projects. It gives a breakdown of each project, including the impact to the community and the cost. These projects are significantly shaping the future of Muscatine!

Please be sure to connect with the City if you have any questions or comments by visiting our website, Facebook or Twitter or emailing our Communications Manager Emily Lofgren.

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WPCP’s Role in Preserving Public Health Through Sanitation

City of Muscatine


Back in August, the Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) celebrated 50 years of service to the Muscatine community.  As you are able to read in the tour recap blog post, the process of removing harmful organisms and other contaminates from wastewater once it gets to WPCP is a lengthy, yet crucial process. Many in the developed world take for granted the quality sanitation procedures that occur within their communities.

What exactly is sanitation?

Sanitation is “thestudyandapplication of proceduresandmeasuresdesigned to protectpublichealth, as in theprovision of cleanwaterandthedisposal of sewageandwaste,” (American Heritage Dictionary 2011). While most of us know that sanitation involves sewage and waste, something many neglect to recognize is that sanitation work is for the protection of public health. It is not just about getting rid of waste, but about making sure that wastewater and garbage are…

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Never any that equaled them

Made In Muscatine

Muscatine is extremely proud of its history with Mark Twain, who wrote for our local paper, The Muscatine Journal (still in existence), and spent a summer here in 1855. So proud, in fact, that 160 years later, you can find a quote from him about us written all over the place, from signs to literature to anything in between.

The quote is from Twain’s book Life on the Mississippi and reads, “And I remember Muscatine—still more pleasantly—for its summer sunsets. I have never seen any, on either side of the ocean, that equaled them.”

Twain’s appreciation for our sunsets has become a bit of a legacy for us. We revel in our sky — and why shouldn’t we? The Mississippi River runs east-to-west here which means that you can watch the sun set on it in a way that’s unique to this place and that creates a breathtaking tableau, although you don’t…

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Chinese orchestra performs in Muscatine

Made In Muscatine

In the continuation of an incredible friendship that’s blossomed between Muscatine and China since the visit of China’s President Xi Jinping before he was president in 1985, the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra performed in Muscatine last night.

Their performance was outstanding, bringing the crowd of about 1,000 people to its feet four times for three encores. It was a wonderful start to the many more exciting Chinese cultural offerings that Muscatine will see in the future.

If we saw you there last night, comment below! If we didn’t, check out our photos to see what you missed!

Check out a parent’s perspective of the concert by reading contributor Kim Warren’s post on her own blog.

(To learn more about the friendship between Muscatine and China, read our blog post about it or visit our website.)

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City of Muscatine Mayor Recognizes Individuals and Organizations Who Brought China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra to Our Community

The world-renowned performing arts troupe, China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra (CBCO) recently performed in Muscatine. Thanks to Glad Cheng and Daniel Wang of China Windows Group who spearheaded the project with the vision of bringing the concert to the Muscatine community. A special thank you to Chinese Consul General Zhao for his assistance in making this amazing performance a reality.

City of Muscatine


At the Thursday, March 3, 2016 Muscatine City Council Meeting, Mayor Broderson read a Proclamation of Recognition thanking those organizations and individuals who contributed to a successful performance of the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra (CBCO) in Muscatine. Both citizens of Muscatine and visitors were able to experience a once in a lifetime performance of a world-renowned performing arts troupe on Feb. 24.

Those thanked included Glad Cheng and Daniel Wang of China Windows Group who spearheaded the project with the vision of bringing the concert to the Muscatine community. Chinese Consul General Zhao Weiping played in integral role in assisting Cheng and Wang in their initiative. Many organizations came alongside China Windows Group to plan the concert, including the Muscatine-China Initiatives Committee, Muscatine Sister Cities and the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra.

Host families and countless other organizations provided true Muscatine hospitality to the performers as they experienced our community! Thank you to everyone involved!



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