City of Muscatine Mayor Recognizes Individuals and Organizations Who Brought China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra to Our Community

The world-renowned performing arts troupe, China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra (CBCO) recently performed in Muscatine. Thanks to Glad Cheng and Daniel Wang of China Windows Group who spearheaded the project with the vision of bringing the concert to the Muscatine community. A special thank you to Chinese Consul General Zhao for his assistance in making this amazing performance a reality.

City of Muscatine


At the Thursday, March 3, 2016 Muscatine City Council Meeting, Mayor Broderson read a Proclamation of Recognition thanking those organizations and individuals who contributed to a successful performance of the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra (CBCO) in Muscatine. Both citizens of Muscatine and visitors were able to experience a once in a lifetime performance of a world-renowned performing arts troupe on Feb. 24.

Those thanked included Glad Cheng and Daniel Wang of China Windows Group who spearheaded the project with the vision of bringing the concert to the Muscatine community. Chinese Consul General Zhao Weiping played in integral role in assisting Cheng and Wang in their initiative. Many organizations came alongside China Windows Group to plan the concert, including the Muscatine-China Initiatives Committee, Muscatine Sister Cities and the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra.

Host families and countless other organizations provided true Muscatine hospitality to the performers as they experienced our community! Thank you to everyone involved!



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