Biocell comes alive with the colors of summer

City of Muscatine

Despite spending time underneath the flood waters of the Mississippi River, the Sycamore Alley Biocell is alive and well and full of color for visitors to admire and pollinators to feast on.

One of the ways to manage stormwater runoff, and add a bit of natural
beauty, is the creation of bioretention cells (biocells). One has been
established in the City of Muscatine and more are in the planning stages.

Biocells have become one of the most widely used green infrastructure practices
for managing stormwater. A landscaped depression that captures and infiltrates
stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces, biocells are most notably found in
settings such as parking lots and residential areas where soils do not
adequately drain.

To the resident or visitor these cells look like flower gardens.
Underneath, however, is an engineered subgrade that is designed to filter
pollutants out of stormwater runoff. Native plants are widely used in…

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